We connect to you and use our tools and expertise to increase revenue and customer knowledge. We create and manage interactive games for you. While your customers enjoy the Game, we build their profile based on their behavior and we constantly adapt the Game through Artificial Intelligence (AI) logic.

"THE GAME is the sum of different actions and promotions designed through Al for each customer"

Our AI will use every customer interaction to define meaningful dynamic segments
Once the customer’s profile is built, his future behavior is highly predictable, thus making communication and promotions very efficient
Our AI Engine dynamically adjusts the Game for every customer and customer segment


Make illiterate groups participate in campaigns

Target and reward specific micro-segments

Promote a new service or product

Learn key demographics of your customers

Celebrate an anniversary or an event

Key benefits for you

  • We provide knowledge, expertise and tools to drive results
  • Significant revenues during The Game but also after the end from exploiting International SMS connectivity and major International clients
  • Provisioning of free tools (SaaS) for marketing activities and promotions after the end of the Game
  • The development of a complete loyalty scheme where customers collect points for all their actions in one common points repository or wallet

The most important benefit is that you understand your customers:

  • Best communication channels and formats (specific phrase, even up to specific words)
  • Socio-economic profile
  • Best period/day/time to respond to promotions
  • Exact outcomes per segment (effectiveness of rewards, promotions, discounts, policies and others). The development of a complete loyalty scheme where customers collect points for all their actions in one common points repository or wallet
  • Key Demographics

As a result:

Happy customers stay loyal while engaged in the Game
You understand your customers, their preferences, and needs for future promotions
You make significant incremental revenues
We build a tailormade Game only for you based on our global experience, methodology and your requirements

Why we are better

  • We are better because we are different
  • We have the experience and the tools to create innovative campaigns with large impact
  • We create tailor made campaigns
  • We use proven models for customer behavioral analysis
  • Our AI engine allows constant learning and game adjustment
  • Our decision support systems and detailed reporting are the best tools to manage the Game dynamics with full automation overseen by humans
  • Our communication depends on the targeted audience, not the channel
  • SMS, Voice, Apps, web, social and advertising platforms are all used seamlessly to convey our message efficiently
  • We continue to increase your revenues after the end of the Game
  • We monetize customers that have zero balance through incentivized advertising and reward based actions