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Companies are facing a changing marketplace that is affecting the way they are doing their current business. Hence, they are in need to transform their business towards the digital arena and achieve a smart leadership over its peer group. CY.TEAM is there to guide in this change to overcome these challenges and manage the sustainability and growth of your business. Our framework combines advanced data mining and management, audience segmentation, laser targeting, as well as content creation with omni-platform dissemination. Our expertise in transformation marketing will yield higher results and ROIs.

The more digital the journey the higher the sales

Reputation Management

  • We handle online reputation for your organization, brands and product line. We work through advanced modalities to ensure proper reputation for our clients that can range from content preparation, publishing, search and ranking, SEO and SEM and cross platform dissemination.
  • Constant monitoring for the good and the bad coupled with an alerts system and prepared response scenarios.

Data Mining

  • We have advanced data mining software that can analyze audience interaction, profiles growth, competitor profiles, social listening, news publishing, and others. These are proprietary tools that will analyze trends, behaviours, actions, mentions, sentiments and segment the audience to properly target and re-market messages to them. It can also showcase.
  • The power of our tools to harness free and paid data to deliver a relevant message to the customer at the correct time to provoke the desired reaction.

Content Creation

  • We create special multi format to suit all your needs. We have top framework to ensure high quality deliverables. Our ranges of creation can go from article based content, to info graphic picture and video, to video production creation and editing.
  • A perfectly crafted message for the perfect customer.

Content Dissemination - AI based dissemination

  • Traffic & Media buying: We have more than 3 billion impressions per day and our platform is connected to all major ad exchanges and traffic source with access to premium ad inventory. Fraud detection is a key ingredient in our platform to ensure the highest traffic quality for our clients.
  • Social Media Boosting: Enhance reach, engagement, conversion, views, action across all your social media channels and beat your competitors with high ROI and cost saving as we will target the people relevant to your brand and that would engage with your content, products and company messages.

Smart leadership

Conversion and lead management: we convert your prospects to leads and customers. We provide advanced lead scoring mechanism and prospects segmentation to enhance your digital spending and overall performance. Brands we worked on has seen more than 25% improvement. We introduce marketing automation mechanism, chatbots (Messenger, WhatsApp, etc..) marketing and automation, list building, and behavior analysis module to capture and manage all your campaign audience.

Audience capturing



Cross selling

Boost your social network numbers

It is a broad set of tools and services that are easy to use to reach a wider targeted audience, get a higher engagement, increase your traffic and conversions. Our can coordinate boosting campaigns of any size or create viral content to achieve success.


Facebook campaign tools

  • Buy Facebook Likes, reactions
  • Buy Facebook Comments
  • Buy Facebook Videos, stories views
  • Buy Facebook Followers, fans


Twitter campaign tools

  • Buy Twitter Retweets
  • Buy Twitter Likes
  • Buy Twitter Impressions
  • Buy Twitter Followers
  • Buy Twitter Videos views


YouTube campaign tools

  • Buy YouTube Video views
  • Buy YouTube Subscriber
  • Buy YouTube Comment
  • Buy YouTube Like dislike
  • Buy YouTube Share


Instagram campaign tools

  • Buy Instagram Followers
  • Buy Instagram Videos, stories
  • Buy Instagram TV views
  • Buy Instagram Comments
  • Buy Instagram Favorites