Hosted turnkey solutions specially designed and developed for Mobile Network Operators to increase profitability, retention, user interaction and spending. We engage and motivate your customers for better results.

Revenue from airtime and data sales

Mobile subscribers expect to have the possibility to top up mobile phones from any country and paying with their local payment methods. The traditional model where you top up from the mobile operator’s website or from a local shop are over. Mobile airtime is a commodity. It should be available easily and internationally or else the operator risks losing clients. It is de facto viewed as a hard currency and a payment system. We can resell your airtime and data packages all over the world.

Mobile airtime, data and wallet

Mobile airtime, data and wallet
  • New international exposure, draw revenue from abroad
  • Happy subscriber; all top up are sent instantly
  • Top up possible through shops, apps, websites, SMS, terminals, ATM and dashboards
  • We offer a white label mobile top up solution for resellers
  • Subscribers expect to receive mobile recharges from abroad, if not they might go to the competition
When we add your airtime and data transfer services to our catalogue, it makes them instantly available to sellers across the globe, millions of points of sales and loads of apps, wallets, and websites. Sending value and service through a mobile phone has become a habit to many. This value can be used to talk, send SMS, buy a data plan, buy services and goods that are provided by the operator or third parties.


When a mobile operator’s subscriber is looking for an additional service, he downloads an app, this app will only consume more data but not generate any revenue to his mobile operator. We are constantly creating and adding services to mobile operators. Our value added services provide a diverse offer, increase interactions with subscribers, and earn. Our turnkey solutions address the needs for services that mobile apps cannot provide and that are easy to deploy. We keep subscribers and operators happy.

SMS game: know your subscriber

  • It is engaging, it is rewarding, it is fun, it is viral: subscribers love it
  • High value prices make it more intriguing
  • It is an AI run game which makes it more efficient
  • Games are tailored to the market and audience
Our SMS game is different, an AI designed specifically to understand the subscriber to know when, which, and at which rate to serve subscribers to keep the engagement and fun factors high. It learns with each response (or absence of) which service or product the subscriber will likely want to have. We set the analysis parameters in function of the mobile operator’s wishes. It is an SMS game that understands the subscribers needs.

White label cloud services

White label cloud servicesour solution
  • Fully branded hosted in your premises
  • Easy integration or seamless migration
  • Generate revenue from subscriptions
  • Secure and compliant
  • Multi Platform client: mobile apps, desktop, HTML5 web site
Once you enable our white label cloud, your subscriber will save their data in your data center in your country. This offers many advantages, both to the mobile operator and the subscriber. For the operator, you will save on the cost of the international bandwidth since your subscriber won’t send their data to the free clouds that are in other nations, and for the subscriber they will have their data stored locally and protected by their local laws. Subscriber data is of strategic importance to a nation, why save it abroad?

Subscription based VAS

Subscription based VAS
  • Collect calls and callback on zero balance
  • Call forwarding, call forking and in-call transfers
  • Receptionist to handle and route incoming calls
  • Vanity phone numbers for VIPs
  • Music dedication service
  • In case of emergency alternative
Our VAS ecosystem is thought and developed with the focus of increasing the subscriber’s interactions with the operator using services that earn. We have given special attention to inactive or low spending subscriber with our No Zero Balance suite. We combined our experience from telecoms, marketing, analysis, rewarding and incentivization to deliver solutions that your subscribers will love.


Software solutions to protect the revenue of your existing infrastructure. We block calls that bypass your termination fee

Termination fee revenue protection

  • Prevents abuse on your network
  • Recovers the lost revenue from termination fees
  • Prevents unregulated call termination
  • Provides real time traffic inspection and reaction
VoIP apps use the data connection to bypass the call termination fees. This is a loss of earnings for the mobile operator and it circumvents telecom regulators, compliance and taxes. The unregulated calls rob the operator from providing quality service to their subscribers. Our revenue protection platform permits the control and the regulation of the bypassing apps. The traffic inspection engine will ensure that only the authorized termination reaches the subscriber.