Opportunities for mobile operators and enterprises

We create software turnkey solutions to generate new income by innovating or by leveraging the existing business. Proudly created in Switzerland.


Subscribers needs for bandwidth are relentlessly increasing while the revenues from the legacy mobile operator services are shrinking. Our solutions are inherently designed to raise the ARPU by increasing the number of interactions with the subscribers. The byproducts of our solutions are customer loyalty and churn mitigation.

Revenue from mobile top up sales

CY.TALK operates CY.SEND ( - an airtime and data distribution hub. It connects the mobile operator’s top up platforms to local and cross border points of sales from the traditional brick and mortar shops to mobile apps or websites.

Global reach

We have API connections to over 550 mobile operators around the world. We can top up data and airtime instantly for over 6 billion mobile phones in over 100 currencies.

We purchase your mobile services and resell them worldwide

  • Receive revenue from new sales points
  • Earn revenue from your diaspora wherever it is
  • Increase local presence through our millions of connected PoS
  • New revenue streams from new verticals from our OpenAPI
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Revenue Generation from mobile subscribers

Our solutions are easy to adopt by the subscriber. In fact, they are already using third parties and you are not getting a cut, worse it is costing you! We create revenue from SMS, cloud services, SIM cards with zero balance and carrier billing.

SMS game

SMS based quiz game run by our state of the art AI. It generates revenue from premium text messages sent by the subscriber.

  • Easy to join, creates a buzz
  • Increases loyalty
  • Increases SIM activations
  • Decreases churn rate
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Mobile cloud storage services for mobile subscribers

Secure turnkey white label solution for a mobile cloud storage space for your mobile subscribers.

  • Safely stored in your datacenter
  • Save on international bandwidth costs
  • Subscription based revenue model
  • Mobile, desktop and HTML 5 clients
  • Easy deployment and operation
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No Zero Balance suite – Tools to increase ARPU

Turnkey white label solution comprised of a mobile app and a management platform designed to encourage subscribers to increase the use of mobile operator’s existing services.

  • Simple and secure to use
  • Connects balances of a contact book
  • Facilitates balance and data transfers between subscribers
  • Helps subscriber keep positive balance
  • Does not require technical integrations with the operator
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Subscription based VAS

It is a family of easy to use and simple to deploy subscription-based services. To operate jointly for an increased quality of service.

  • Collect calls and callback on zero balance
  • Call forwarding, call forking and in-call transfers
  • Receptionist to handle and route incoming calls
  • Vanity phone numbers for VIPs
  • Music dedication service
  • In case of emergency alternative
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Network revenue protection

Software solutions to protect the revenue of your existing infrastructure. We block calls that bypass your termination fee.

Termination fee revenue protection

We block VoIP apps that use the data connection to circumvent telecom regulators compliance, and to bypass the call termination fees.

  • Prevents abuse on your network
  • Recovers the lost revenue from termination fees
  • Prevents unregulated call termination
  • Provides real time traffic inspection and reaction
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Our approach to digital domination

The perception of your brand name has a direct influence on your sales and the value of your stock. Nowadays your brand’s perception is decided by social media and the press. We can harness that power for you and against your competitors. We can get to know your customer better to help you serve them better. We focus on sending the right message to the right person for an optimal conversion.

For mobile operators: Deep learning and predictive analytics for increased results

Telecom companies need to embrace a whole new level of targeting and reject the outdated view of customers as large, indistinct, and incoherent segments. Hence, they should tailor offerings to specific customer needs, companies should employ analytical marketing and mine the Big Data already at their disposal to respond continually to the behaviour of individuals and market micro-segments. Our approach is set to build and make use of five key capabilities within the marketing function of the operators:

  • Data management
  • Audience segmentation and behavior analysis
  • Commercialization
  • Product development and design
  • AI and continuous learning
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Our framework which is based on operators’ capabilities will re-define the concept of marketing and introduce multiple up, mid and downstream of revenues and opportunities.

Our base would be to acquire data and create segments and insights that are the base of analytical dashboard which will help develop new products and address its commercialization, reach and ROI. These capabilities will provide the operators with high learning and higher achievements.

For enterprises: Reinvent sales

Companies are facing a changing marketplace that is affecting the way they are doing their current business. Hence, they are in need to transform their business towards the digital arena and achieve a smart leadership over its peer group. CY team is there to guide in this change to overcome these challenges and manage the sustainability and growth of your business. Our framework combines advanced data mining and management, audience segmentation, laser targeting, as well as content creation with omni-platform dissemination. Our expertise in transformation marketing will yield higher results and ROIs.

Capture the power of data, technology and automation to leverage higher profitability across all your marketing activities. We work with you starting with the strategy and ideation phase until you achieve the desired results. Our experts as well as technical tools will take you through this journey smoothly to reach your objectives. We are ready for challenge.

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For over 20 years, our in-house development team has been creating and maintaining custom turnkey telecom software to connect the consumer to your products.

Calls and SMS as payment method

Did you know that your clients can pay for your products with a phone call or by SMS? We have developed various options depending on the country and your customer/product profile. It can be charging directly your customer’s phone bill or charging your customer's credit card/prepaid card through the phone. We can also charge using premium phone numbers and premium SMS. Paying with a phone call or an SMS has never been this simple.

Telecom services for enterprises

We build a la carte call management solutions around your needs. Our typical clients are international organizations and call centres. Service list includes: virtual IPBX, call forwarding, call transfer, IVR development, queue management, music on hold, AI based routing, conference calls, voice messaging, call recording, virtual assistants, multilingual text to speech. We complement these solutions with phone number verification services.

Secure Teleworking – Securing communications with remote offices

The problem with cloud solutions

In a hope to secure your online communications you are trusting mobile apps, encrypted emails to service providers or a VPN subscription thinking that no one will read your data except the intended recipients. Since those free or paid services are used by a lot of people, it never takes long before there are abuses. Following abuses, those services become the target for enquiries from all sorts of state organizations, exposing your data as well since they are on the same servers. Imagine if you had your own secure communication systems without the hassle of the investment nor the management. Just pay and use.

Our secure teleworking solutions

We offer secure teleworking solutions where we build a communication network only for your enterprise. In short, only you and the people you want to work with will be on this network, effectively making sure there are no third parties using your secure infrastructure. The solution is a combination of software and custom hardware appliances to secure communication between your remote offices and your roaming personnel. We tailor our solutions based on your needs and your realities.