Services for mobile operators

Services for mobile operators

No Zero Blance (NZB): Boost your mobile prepaid ARPU

No Zero balance (NZB) is a simple utility to show your phone balance to friends and family, transfer balance from phone to phone and earn free phone credits.
It simplifies and speeds up the prepaid SIM top up for the customer. The direct goal is to increase the number of top ups for the slow SIM cards.

SMS lotteries & quizzes

A hosted service run by our very experienced SMS campaigns team.

The SMS lottery and quizzes are specially designed for mobile network operators. The service intelligence dynamically learns from the MNO customers actions and adjusts the interactions with the customers in real time based on a wide array of criteria.

Service objectives

Engage & motivate
Maximize playability
Increase customer satisfaction through instant rewarding
Increase customer retention
Ultimately increasing ARPU and value

SMS loyalty and reward campaigns

It is a cross channel program specially designed for Mobile Network Operators (MNO). The objective is to create strong and profitable relationship with MNO customers resulting in higher value by increasing their tenure and spending. The program creates a continuously updated customer profile by analyzing customer behavior, demographics, and feedback to specific offers and rewards. Campaigns where everybody is a winner!

Main campaign objectives

Differentiate from competitor loyalty offerings
Innovate to attract customers from other networks
Increase loyalty and ARPU of existing customers
Create Dynamic Customer Profiling allowing different campaigns
Create flexible platform that supports changing business rules
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