Hello, How are you?

This is the CY.TALK way to start a phone call.
High quality innovative business telephony for your enterprise, made in Switzerland.

  • Available for smartphones and desktop phones
  • Up to 10’000 phone extensions per enterprise
  • Free and unlimited calls between extensions
  • Cheap to operate and maintain
  • Turnkey solution for your enterprise telephony
  • Start now
Today’s internet telephone services got us used to starting our calls with: Can you hear me? Mmm are you here? Helllloooooooo???
CY.TALK will give you telephony quality like it’s 1999. It is time to save on the hellos and get things done!!

Business is global; to be competitive, you need to be reachable easily and, ideally, at the same price as a local cost wherever you are.
Having a local phone number will do that for you.

List of countries
  • You can have as many local, toll free, or premium phone numbers as you want, from as much as 132 countries!
  • Local phone numbers to be reachable at the cost of a local call
  • Toll free numbers to pay for your caller cost
  • Premium numbers to earn money on calls you receive
  • Removes mobile roaming costs


  • Free & unlimited calls in the network
  • 10’000 extensions per enterprise
  • Very high call quality
  • Caller ID display
  • Call forwarding to 4 numbers
  • Voicemail to email
  • 100% on the cloud
  • Intuitive management interface


  • No upfront investment
  • Cheap to maintain and operate
  • Cheap long distance calls
  • Avoid roaming costs
  • Use it anywhere
  • Pay As You Go service
  • No technical knowhow necessary
  • Made in Switzerland

Enterprise advantages


Increased productivity

The most efficient way to do business is by voice, it is much faster than emailing or sending text messages. On the network, calls are free and unlimited, long distance calls are cheap, so no more excuse for not being in constant touch. It doesn't matter where you are, the advantages are the same. You have something to say, dial and talk!

Management & reporting

Log in to your centralized control panel to administer all aspects of your business telephony services. Create and manage your users, monitor remotely all your desktop phones, see the status of your phone numbers, balances, invoicing, call reporting, all in real time. The user interface is designed to be used by non-technical personnel.


You have space to grow, for each enterprise that signs up, you can have up to 10’000 phone extensions, that's 10’000 apps or 10’000 desktop phones, that’s 10’000 people. A few seconds are necessary to add a user. If you need more than 10’000 extensions, well, you can open another account!

Controlled costs

Our service is pre-paid and works on a Pay As You Go basis. It offers a variety of advantages that are simply not available in a post-pay contract model. Control your call budget by assigning your users the balance they can spend. Say bye to the end of month surprises! What you do not spend is tax free profit.