Value added services

  • Worldwide toll free numbers
    A toll free number from CY.TALK allows your customers to call your business for free, it is very useful for:

    • customer care;

    • telemarketing;

    • as an access number;

    • for any service that you do not want to charge the caller for.

    The call can be transferred or routed to any number you wish. It can be combined with custom IVR solutions for full control of the call flow.

    A toll free number will enhance your company’s visibility as it gives national presence.

    We offer toll free numbers from 132 countries.

  • International premium & VAS numbers
    Earn money each time you receive a call to any of your premium numbers. It can be used for customer support, games over the phone, adult phone services, surveys, lotteries, as an access number or simply to be paid for a service you can give over the phone.
    You can be paid by call or by call duration, depending on the country and the tariff model that are available.
    We offer premium numbers in 132 countries.
  • Local phone numbers
    A local phone number from CY.TALK can help you establish the business presence you want anywhere in the countries and cites we cover. Local phone numbers can project a more convenient, neighborhood image which could offer local knowledge and a quick turnaround for your clients. Simply add a number from any area code or multiple numbers in several area codes to give your business a local presence in each area. Cut the long distance expenses for your partners and customers. Can be also used as an access number for other services.
    We offer numbers in 132 countries.


  • Dedicated encrypted chat services
    Out of the box, turnkey privacy friendly chat service with end-to-end encryption for the communication and the content.
    We believe you have the right to privacy online and our service will protect you against mass surveillance and other prying eyes.
  • Email encryption
    Encryption of email messages protects the content from being read by other entities than the intended recipients. Our email encryption solutions minimize IT administration and lower overall costs thanks to effortless key creation, hosted management, plus ease of use for both senders and recipients.
  • Telephony over dedicated VPN
    Protect your phone calls from being heard by prying ears. Turnkey solution that works out of the box and that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to be used.
  • Premises security
    Solutions for monitoring and surveillance of premises using state of the art intrusion detection sensors (power, temperature, water, movement, seismic, fire, burglary, medical, gas) access control, CCTV (video and audio) as well as providing you with the capability and training to build your own central monitoring stations. Our solutions are scalable or come in pre-set packages for a specific purpose.

Communication integration

  • Custom IVR development
    We can help you create a custom telephony and speech/voice applications to meet your unique requirements. With our IVR software development experience, CY.TALK has helped customers around the world increase profitability and decrease overhead. Our custom IVR development solutions are customized especially for your business.
  • Call centers
    Your Call Center is the voice of our business. Starting from geographical, toll free or premium access numbers, call routing to IP or forwarding to any number, call management, auto answering attendant, call overflow, condition based call routing (on a schedule, Caller ID, time/date, language, DTMF, etc.) to interaction with text to speech systems, we got the cloud solution that will not require an expensive hardware nor a software.
    Our solution is already deployed in over 40 countries. It is ideal to manage international call centers.
  • Callback services
    High capacity and quality callback service for your calling cards. We will take care of receiving the calls and forwarding the calls to your calling cards infrastructure.
    Choose your callback numbers from the 132 countries.
  • Text to speech in 8 languages
    Text to speech allows interaction of the phone application with your customer on a much more personal level. It facilitated greatly by customer care, phone payments, phone games, phone lotteries, announcements created on the fly, or any interaction with a CRM or a database. Our voices are very human-sounding and will greatly enhance any application you might want to use them in.
    Text to speech available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian.
  • CRM interactions through telephone and SMS
    Maximize customer loyalty and boost revenue with an interaction center for customer relationship management (CRM). Provide the level of service your customers expect by granting your employees a full range of capabilities. Integrate multi-channel automated communication tools such as telephony and SMS response.
  • Payments over the telephone and by SMS
    A fast, flexible and secure way for your customers to pay for your digital content and virtual goods. Accept credit card, paysafecard, PIN code, gift card, or voucher payment from your customers over the phone or by SMS.
    Your customers call an access number or send an SMS and a sale is done. It is that easy!
  • Dedicated dial in phone conference rooms
    Dedicated and private phone conference rooms, with your own dedicated dial in number and credentials, available 365/7/24. Just share the access information and have your meetings by dialing a local access number.
  • Two-stage dialing
    Imagine a service where calling an access number would start a service remotely.
    For example: upon receiving a call on a specific access number from your Caller ID; we dial four of your colleagues and join them in a conference room, or put you directly in relation with a third party. Two-stage dialing means that a call you make will initiate another call or a chain of calls and put you in touch with them.


  • Call forwarding API
    Pick an access phone number from any of the 132 countries we provide phone numbers from and forward it to as many phone numbers as you wish.
    Combine this with a custom IVR for added value. It is very useful for a spot usage. For example: for a promotion, to answer an announcement, or for an emergency situation where you need to have the number activated immediately and calls forwarded to a call center in different languages.
    You can also use call forwarding to save on long distance calls and mobile roaming by having your local access number forwarded to the destination you want to reach.
  • One way SMS API
    Communicate with your customers by SMS. We have two types of SMS: the first is called bulk SMS and is used for marketing and promotional purposes, the second is the transactional SMS which has a very high successful delivery rate.
    It can be used for user mobile validation, sales confirmation, 3DS confirmation, password recuperation or two-step authentication. Simple to deploy and use.
  • Two way SMS communication API
    Build rich interactions with your customers using two-way SMS messaging. We can have your application interact with all mobile operators in the world. Easily establish a dialogue for transactions processing or to communicate with your customers through a local SMS access number anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile phone number verification API by SMS
    Verify any mobile with an SMS handshake, simple to use and simple to integrate. Validate the mobile number of your customers for added security, trust and data value.
  • Mobile and landline phone number verification API by call
    Verify any phone number by call. This allows you to verify a landline and mobile phone numbers from anywhere around the world. Simple to use and simple to integrate. Validate the phone numbers of your customers for added security, trust and data value.
  • Mobile number trace & location API
    Trace any mobile number in the world to retrieve information such a country, mobile operator, roaming network, original network, ported network, current country, or phone connection status.
    Other features are also available. Tracing a mobile is useful for security, authentication or simply to validate your mobile phone number databases.
  • CPE auto provisioning, configuration, status & location API
    CPE – Customer Premises Equipment refers to the VoIP desktop phone and gateways we use to distribute our VoIP services.
    Additionally we have built an API that allows VoIP operators to take control of his CPE deployment and have full control over them once deployed. Automatize the deployment of thousands of devices in an instant.
    It is a great real time troubleshooting and reporting tool. Auto provisioning constantly monitors the status and health of your CPEs. Information such as where they are connected from, since when, are they online, and many more are available in real time to the VoIP operator to troubleshoot the eventual Internet or network problem.
    Become a global VoIP provider, remote provisioning is a tool to control existing devices in other parts of the world as well as integrating new ones. You can now have customers connected to you from all around the world.
    To execute USSD commands on any mobile operator that supports it. Build your interactions with the mobile operator remotely. Can be also used for authentication, surveying, and transactions.

White label telecom turnkey solutions

  • Calling card platform
    A prepaid calling card platform that allows you to create custom calling card for your consumers, resellers under your brand name.
  • Web based Point of Sale interface for call shops
    A complete web-based point of sale system for your retail store to enable you to sell telephony services to your customers. Includes real time reporting, deployment and management tool for the telephones and customers, integrates payment systems and financial reporting.
  • SMS, email, chat, social network notification systems
    A mass notification system to distribute communications, notifications, alerts, receipts and informational messages under your own brand. It is simple, effective and a convenient way to be in constant touch with your consumer base.
  • International mobile top
    Top up phones, pay bills, buy gift cards all over the world, our coverage includes more than 11'000 digital products in 248 countries & territories. Send instantly money to any of them. You can become a merchant and sell top ups for a profit or use it as a reward or incentive to gratify your customers immediately. Go to for more information.
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